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I'm just a straight gal who wants to ogle hot, scantily clad guys.



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  5. Work it, baby.

    Work it, baby.


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  7. erotictrevor:

Photo by Trevor Brown


    Photo by Trevor Brown

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  9. p33nzine:

    Okay, P33nsters, I’ve been working on my flirting game because it’s really weak. You know how some people are able to pick up on the fact that the person they’re talking to is attracted to them? I don’t have that skill. In fact, this past weekend I had two dudes make very genuine passes at me and it still took me until after they’d left to process they had hit on me. So who has tips? thegirlon you got any tips? How about you arrowofadonis? Got any tips for your girl at P33nZine?

    Sorry hon. I’m a bad one to ask. I’ve been married for 15 years and my flirting game is totally dead. I’m sure the younger, “hipper” pornsters could give you better advice than I’d ever be able to muster.

    Hope you can figure it out!

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